Scarlet & Gold internship

My daily responsibility was social media management. I posted three times daily for Facebook and Twitter and could exercise my creativity by choosing photos and writing captions. I also coordinated a community event promoting health and wellness. I reached out to local brands that fit this market and organized an event where guests could take fitness classes, eat and shop all in one! Visit my internship page under the portfolio tab to learn more!

pine cove

Overseeing the daily activities of 6-8 campers and working on a team of over 50 other staff to ensure a fun, loving and safe environment was no easy task. But is without a doubt the most rewarding thing I have been able to be a part of. Under incredible others-oriented leadership, I could develop my leadership skills as well. To keep the campers best interest at priority, it was crucial that everyone committed to consistent and timely communication.


Being an instructor at True40 has helped me find my own voice in my leadership style. True40 is a place where I can grow my passion for health and fitness and use my knowledge to help others reach their goals. Through teaching pop-up classes for different organizations I have seen the value in investing in the community around me.


After a year of being on the Event Management Committee for The BIG Event, I became director of Event Management. I oversaw a team of six members to organize and plan the kick-off event for the big day. After kickoff, my team and I took calls in the command center from the on-site teams. We logged the progress of each job site and organized tool distribution from site to site.


A big part of my heart is in the kitchen. So, CBC is one of my favorite organizations I have been a part of at Auburn. As president, I plan monthly meetings, oversee a team of four officers and am constantly researching new food trends to incorporate into our meetings!


I served for a year as my sorority's event planning chair. My role included planning five chapter wide events, managing a budget, communicating with venues and catering companies and attending monthly meetings with advisors and the rest of the executive team! It is through this job that I discovered my passion for planning and events. I loved the freedom to incorporate my vision and express creativity.