This media kit was created as a part of my final project for my Multimedia Writing in Public Relations class. Included in my media kit is a backgrounder, feature release, media advisory and press release. The assignment was to create a fake client, create a website about the client and include all the project writing assignments on the web site. We used to create the site. I chose mainly black and white for the site to mimic the style of my made-up client; Salt & Soil Realty and Home Goods. This online media kit serves as a way for journalists to access all the information they may need to write a story on Salt & Soil.

My client, Salt & Soil, is a realty company that buys old homes in the Charleston, SC area and renovates them to create their customer’s dream home. Their mission is to maintain the integrity of the historic Charleston homes while adding flair by incorporating the modern farmhouse style they are known for. They also run a home goods business that sells products designed exclusively by Salt & Soil. I chose this as my client because the art of creating a home is something I have always been intrigued by. A good home plays such a vital role in one’s life. And to have a hand in creating that for someone is invaluable.

My favorite part of this project was writing the feature release. I enjoyed this the most because I could be creative and write about what I love. My feature includes details about Salt & Soil celebrating 10 years of business by launching their first annual Christmas Tour of Homes in downtown Charleston. This assignment was a blast to write because I could create freely and craft the details in any way that I wanted.