In the making, behind the design and why branding is important.

I created this logo using Adobe Photoshop CC. Once I chose my font and graphics, I downloaded them and opened them in Photoshop. I created the logo in multiple layers so that I could always go back to my original design if something needed to be changed. The greenery graphic was much larger than I needed, so I clipped only a small part out to use in my design. Once my name was in place, I played around with the rotation and size of the branches until they were placed where I wanted them. I then merged the text and the graphic so that the whole design was now one single element, rather than multiple pieces. I then exported the document for web use, and, voila!

When brainstorming ideas for my logo, I knew I wanted a simple and airy feel with a timeless design. To create a free form look I chose a thin font and maintained ample spacing between the letters. I decided on black for my design because of the power and timelessness that it denotes. The greenery graphic is included to represent that I am always looking for new ways to grow. Plants need careful pruning and a diligent hand to flourish. And in the same way, I am constantly looking for ways to exercise and add to my skill set.

A logo is just one element of brand development. A strong brand has the power to emotionally connect you with your audience to build lasting impressions and relationships. Branding is a process, but an essential one. It creates loyalty, credibility, uniformity and so much more.