In public relations, effective communication is our most powerful tool. It is truly the backbone of all that we do. Innovation, problem-solving, efficiency, creation; it’s all debilitated when not backed by effective communication. Successful communication has many components, but one that is key is memorability. Any message can lose its impact if it is not remembered.

Using someone’s name in conversation significantly increase message retention. Think about how it makes you feel when someone says your name in conversation or in a greeting. You most likely feel noticed, heard and valued. Using someone’s name is not just important in public relations, but should be a part of our everyday. Though a small component of communication, names should not be taken for granted.

This can also increase the rate at which you build strong relationships. According to Forbes, an individual’s ability to work well on a team is number one on their list of skills employers look for. The faster you can get comfortable with communicating to your team members, the more effective your work will be.

I used Canva to create this infographic. I began with a template that already had the numbers and title where I needed it to be. I then changed the colors and font to match the desired theme. I wanted the infographic to be primarily neutral to match the style of my website. I decided to add a light blue background, but at first the color was more vibrant than I wanted. To fix this problem I increased the transparency of the background. I decided to number my list to make it easy for readers to follow. I hope you learned a little something today from my infographic!