This case study was created for my final project in my case studies class. I worked in a group with four others to write a nine-page, in-depth case study on the Deflategate scandal including Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. To summarize the case, after the 2015 AFC Championship game, it was discovered that 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots provided for the game were underinflated. We then researched and interpreted how Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and the National Football League responded.

The objective of this project was to study how all contributing parties handled the situation. And create an in-depth outline of the actions they took and how effective those actions were. The information was presented in the form of a nine-page paper and a visual aid made using Prezi. As a student, it is crucial that I capitalize on every opportunity to increase my understanding of communication tactics and crisis-management strategies. This project allowed to study and analyze the decisions of real public relations professionals.

The value in doing a case study such as this was to sharpen my ability to write and express my ideas, while increasing my interpersonal skills by working on a team to reach our set goals. For our project, my group chose to delegate different elements of the paper and visual aid. Effective communication between team members is crucial in any project, and I hope to be able to use my team work skills in my future job.